Saturday, March 6, 2010


Look! Everyone was pre-warned that my week was going crazy so leave me alone about blog delays! And it’s not entirely my fault. I had every intention of writing last night when I was awake with the babies but the internet was down. It made for a long night.

While Thursday was relatively uneventful, I made up for it on Friday. I had 3 classes of English to teach. This is only because I missed Tuesday due to teacher absences. For the older kids 1st -3rd I did clothes. They have had pretty good exposure to English before from other volunteer teachers and already flew thorough all the basics (introductions, numbers, colors, feelings, etc.) so I asked them what they wanted to learn. Clothes I choose, next week 3rd grade asked for sports. We had fun though. I brought a bunch of clothes and we dressed people up for different events (sleeping, church, school -where they wear uniforms- and everyday life), practicing the names of the articles as we put them on and took them off.

Here are the 2nd graders all dressed up:

And the whole class- I swear I have control at all times...

For Kinder/Pre-Kinder and Prepa we did parts of the body and practiced saying if something hurts. I thought this would be good for them to know, it might be especially helpful for me! Of course I made it fun. I drew and outline on the board and had the kids fill in the features, they think drawing on the board is the greatest thing since chocolate. (How misinformed are they, chocolate trumps all!) Then we sang head, shoulders..., and played Simon says.

On top of 3 classes, we had a fiesta in our classroom to celebrate the past February and future March birthdays, 4 total. It was fun and I am up for any situation involving carrot cake. In my opinion carrot cakes is probably the most underappreciated dessert. It’s totally forgotten if not ignored completely, yet it is absolutely delicious.

After Fiesta we ended the day with the school store. I’m really really pleased with how it’s going. The kids are understanding the concepts and they love it, they always feel proud, which is the most important. The teachers are very involved as well, they even made sure it happened last week when I was with my parents, which gives me confidence that it will continue. Also, we all agree there is a positive change in behavior or at least a conscious effort, especially at the morning meetings.

The store takes a long time too. Mainly, because we do it individually. Helping to count their money and explain what they can buy, but also that they can choose to save. Secondly, because the kids love to negotiate, in true Guatemalan fashion. I seriously should have taken them to the Lake Atitlan markets, we probably would have made out much better! I don't mind, even though it was an unexpected byproduct of this project, negotion is a great skill to learn.

Then I went to the baby house and stayed up all night…

Oh and I re-rigged one of the bouncers that were being used as swings to actually be a jumper. I am putting Antonia on a rigorous 15-20 minute a day jumper workout to strengthen her spaghetti-like legs. She is 2 and cannot walk, but can stand. I really want to see her take her first steps before I leave.

P.S. When mom was here she put together my cereal box toy in under 5 minutes. I hate when that happens...

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