Monday, March 15, 2010

A Great Weekend Is Worth the Exhaustion!

Tired and have a lot to do.

Therefore, long story short, went to Lake Atitlan por el fin de semana. Stayed over in San Pedro, a cute little hippy town. Spent time lounging in a hammock and reading. Spent time lounging on the hotel roof and talking. Spent time dangling my feet in the water and writing. Had HUMMUS (again)!!! Went to a trance bar (accidentally, we were only looking for good dessert) and sat by a bon-fire. But the accident turned out to be key, because we learned from our waiter that we would probably die trying to bike to San Marcos the next day and instead found out about a sick hike to try. Sunday: Took a tuk-tuk to San Juan. Hiked “la nariz de indeo” (Indian nose). It was a lot harder and higher than anticipated and clouds blocked the view. Had an amazing time! Bought a dress for $4. Hopped a boat to San Marcos. Had lunch of red curry and a goat-cheese, avocado, and sweet chili sauce (yes the stuff I yearn for from my days in South Africa) sandwich. Missed the boat to Panajachel, so paid some guy Q200 (24ish dollars) to take us MUY RAPIDO, back so we would make out shuttle. Went back to Antigua. Caught the tail-end of the lent-processions (and subsequently all the food venders still in the square!). Bought cookies and banana bread. Took a taxi to a gas station in San Lucas. Waited for our ride to find us. Eventually made it back to Casa B.

Right now I must go write out the songs on poster board for my English classes. We are learning them this week. I have permission to visit each class for 10-15 minutes a day to do some practicing, and next Friday is concert time! This is the last day before Easter break and the end of the quarter. Which means it is also the culmination of exam week for the older classes.

I had a conversation with the teachers in Special Ed about transitioning out and we all decided that my last day will be before the break to establish an ending point for the ninos. They really worry about transitions here (especially for the kids my age) because they’ve had so many of them and so many bad ones. Of course they are resilient , but since a convenient time has presented itself for me to disperse, I am going to take that opportunity. It’s easier and feels less abandoning to explain that I was only the teacher for a special quarter, than if I left mid-week to go back to a place they have barley heard of and don’t understand.

More things to come. I know there are lots of gaps. And I have pictures!

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