Friday, February 19, 2010


Well jeez, sorry for the 2 day delay in blogs (Mom).

So here’s the going-ons south of the boarder:

On Tuesday I went to my first “women’s group,” and it was amazing. Every week the women at Casa Bernabe get together sing, pray, laugh and discuss a topic. Because it’s what they know best, it’s usually grounded in the Bible, but it’s really a life discussion too. This week: When do you feel most good, most empowered, at your best? Great thing also, the food! We had this sweet corn like bread thing. Awesome. And on top of it all I feel a change in attitude. I feel like I have a better relationship with people that I barely knew before, I am much more a part of the community.

Today we had a fiesta at the baby house. The girls that come on Thursday from the surrounding neighborhoods came for lunch today and brought a piñata, nachos and cake. The babies loved it, of course, and it was really nice they got a change of routine. Especially because all the other houses do fun things that the babies don’t usually participate in. For example, yesterday (Thursday) there was a “skit night” to thank the small group that is here. All the houses did something, and although it started at the babies bed-time, I think it would be really good if some of the older ones (who are 3 and 4) got to go. They have very limited stimulus as it is, and very little concept of the walls beyond the baby house. It would be fun, I think they would enjoy what they see, even though they won’t understand. Plus, this is their family, they should feel a part of the community as early as possible.

In other news, the nighttime routine has gone by the wayside. Don’t know what happened there, it was going so well too! But a small carpet has appeared. It's brilloly, but softer and warmer than the tile.

We didn’t go to Disney on ice…so bummed. I heard that it was cancelled. I don’t know if that means the show or just for us, but either way it’s a good thing the kids didn’t know. I think that’s why they don’t tell them anything, because last minute unplanned changes with very little explanation is the Guatemalan way. Not good for kids. It’s just one of those cultural things. Like I said, time is a framework, schedules are not definite, and everything is fluid and flexible.

School store launched today. It went really well considering Monday the copier didn’t work so there was no currency and Tuesday someone took all the money after we cut it out. So Wednesday, as punishment, no one could earn money. Then we uncovered the missing money in a precarious spot. Needless to say, the store was open today. They loved it too. They talked all day about “buying” and were squirming when they did. They literally ran to show their house parents and were so excited. I only sold the “cheaper” items, and even convinced three into buying one thing and saving some money for the stuff they really want next week. Not too shabby. Most though were really into spending everything on candy. It was quantity over quality. Three is a start though; hopefully they will become the example.

English is going well too, we practiced numbers this week by playing “What time is it, Senor Fox.” Lots of fun.

I am working tonight in the baby house. Were curling up to watch Julie and Julia. Love, but Julia Powell kind of annoys me at times. And tomorrow I am disappearing with Claudia and her family to go to the beach! Well, I'm doing some other work as well... It was my weekend to work, but this time off is what I get for covering Friday school nights on my actual weekends off. Pretty excited, so worth it!

So that should bring you blog deprived people (Mom) up to date.

PS- I want him!


  1. thank you dear, i do so enjoy your makes us all part of your incredible adventure! I learn something, find reason to re-examine my ideas/values and get a giggle, all in one reading. thank you for sharing your thoughts, stories and experiences each time. love and hugs! 4 more days and counting. mom

  2. Stumbled on your blog and it's really great. And I think your "About me" facts are just about the most succinct description of a person I've ever read. Well done.