Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Two Funny Stories:

1) Last night I, being a genius, decided to flip the bibs. That simply means I took all the bibs piled in the draw and flipped the piles over. I only did this because we use the top 1/3 every day, and never get to the bottom and I was sick of seeing the same ones over and over. So about an hour ago I put a frilly pink bib on a baby and my eyes are met with the word SLUT. Ok so I assuming this was an oversight. Someone donated it because they didn’t want their baby wearing a slut bib, and no one here really noticed or understood what it said/meant. Needless to say I explained and the bib has been discarded. My only regret is that I didn’t snag a picture. But I think the pressing question is: Who would concieve/produce/sell such a thing?!

2) The word in Spanish for handsome: guapo, the word for fat: gordo. I have been confusing the two since my arrival here and only realized my mistake today when I called a baby fat but in a high pitched squeal “tu esta gooordo (your soooo faatttt),” and the girls I work with literally couldn’t control themselves. At what age do you develop a self-esteem? I can’t recall all my uses of the word, but I can be assured I’ve called several of the boys fat, meaning handsome. And some were definitely older, in my class. Whoops. Well at least no one seemed too offended.

Tomorrow we are taking my class to Guatemala City for…. DISNEY ON ICE!!! EEEEEEEEEEE!

I may be more excited than the kids.

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  1. Well not only will the show be a treat but seeing ice must really be amazing for them! I'm sure you are more excited you saw Sesame Street on Ice and couldn't sleep all night before! If they get a bit rowdy remember to use tickets! The ones with all their tkts left gets a Casa Bernabe Dollar! May they all be winners!