Monday, February 22, 2010


Let’s talk about it. I think I am the only person in this whole universe that can (and will) travel to strange and bizarre locations and actually pack on pounds. How does one manage to do this in Africa and Central America? As an expert in this particular field, I will share my full-proof method.

1)Buy local. I’m talking the food they sell on the streets. It’s so authentic and cheap and then you have the ability to make up in quantity the money you would have originally saved.

2)Never turn down authentic cuisine. This is how I ended up eating smiley:

and more recently pork grinds. Never would have considered this in the US, but this was fresh from a road –side stand. And with a little lime and picante (green spicy stuff) it was actually pretty good. Just try not to think about the fact that you are eating deep-fried pig skin and the layer of fat.

3)Also take advantage of the good stuff. With everything being cheap treat yourself to a nice restaurant, multiple times. And when you find something you really like, return to get more. After all, once you leave the country it’s all over.

4)Supplement new meats with wonderful carbs- here it is tortilla and tostada. And don’t forget to top your carbs with amazing things like guacamole, cheese, refried-beans and more picante.

5)Fruits. Papaya, zapote, mango verde, etc. Try anything and everything, the more exotic the better.

6)Magnum bars- God’s gift to foreign countries. Never have I seen one in the US, but in all other countries take advantage of the vanilla ice cream, encrusted in dark chocolate and frequently topped with almonds.

So there you have it. The guide to eating in interesting places, with excellent precision. Be sure not to miss any of the key points and you will likely return with tighter jeans and a respect for the glory days of pizza and beer. With all do respect- Mrs. Gilbert ain't got nothing on me!

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