Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Black Sand Beaches Burn

So Mom and Dad are on their way here as I write! At least I hope, I know the snow is supposed to be pretty intense now for you New Yorkers.

So excited! Both to see them and travel around Guatemala a little more. But before I get ahead of myself here are some pictures from my weekend (kind of out of order), enjoy!

Epic stairs diving my house and the baby house- there's more (147 to be exact)uncaptured in this photo

Who Me?

Just your average night in the baby house- P.S. Can I please bring him home??


The School Store- on the floor of my room


I Don't Play Favorites (but if I did...)

Hard at Work


Beach Casa

Beach Town

School Store in Action

Your a Little Burnt (aka back to work!)

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  1. Just amazing stuff liana. Hopefully your parents got out before the next big storm moved in. Sounds like they did. you're doing an awesome thing here. Are you sure you're actally going to go back to boring old New York again??? Love from all of here. Uncle Skip