Saturday, January 23, 2010

Clase de Ingles Suggestions

Today I feel a million times better, but I am quarantined. I thought I got sick from the food or water, but apparently there is a 24-48 hour virus going around, so they want me to limit my contact with the kids. I am so bored! So far I have done my laundry, cleaned my room and finished a crossword. I have also observed that the door to my bathroom was put up upside down and now it is bothering me!

But to the point, I am writing this entry because I need ideas for my English class. Every week I have a topic and an activity. For example, the day we learn parts of the body, clothes (and review colors with the clothes) I am going to bring in stuff to dress the kids as we learn all the names of the items. For food, I am going to buy fake food or use pictures and have everyone pack a lunch into a bag and then tell the class what they are going to eat, and if they like it or not. To practice numbers and telling the time we’re going to play “What time is it Mr. Fox!” However, the first week I want to teach introductions, (hello, my name is, what’s yours, how are you, etc.) and I can’t think of a fun activity. Any suggestions?! Rather than post to this blog please e-mail me:

P.S. In my next life I am going to know Spanish fluently and be a teacher!

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  1. You don't have to wait for another life to be a teacher or to speak Spanish fluently, for that have many lives within this one to do many, many things. Remind us again please, how old the children are in your English class.