Monday, January 25, 2010

A Case of the Monday's

I think everyone today had a case of the Monday’s. At school the kids were wild, at the baby house they couldn’t be consoled. Long day.

School was another day of non-accomplishment. Except the school supplies are almost done so hopefully that means learning will start soon. The younger kids weaved string in and out of punched holes in the edge of paper, I think they were making folders for their school supplies, but I am not really sure. After sewing, the teacher drew a fish or snail on the folder and they colored it in, then (you guessed it) crumpled up tissue paper in the same colors and glued.

I did more math today with Pablo, however rather than give him numbers in the hundreds and thousands we did each number + 0, each number + 1, and then each number doubled, all before he could have his abacus back. I am trying to get him to see the patterns, which he does when he work a set in a row, but then when he approaches a more complicated problem, he forgets. After doing some two digit numbers with the abacus he closed his book, and I let him be done. I would rather he enjoy it than push for more.

The baby house welcomed another baby today, her name is Fey or Phee (I’m not sure how they are spelling it). Regardless, if you are keeping count that is 18! She’s a tiny infant, no more than 3-4 months (exact age…unknown). Here the babies are a lot smaller than they are in the super-sized states. The babies actually fit in the correct month sized clothes.

I am starting to put a list together of needs for the baby house. I know I want to buy some of those puzzle piece mats with the letter and number cut outs for the tile portion of the baby play room floor. My other priority would be something for each crib and the two swings. Mirrors, little mobiles, a fabric book, etc. Anything that can provide a little stimulus. The last two things would be some new toys that require fitting shapes or matching colors, again stuff with a little more challenge. Important criteria: no batteries, cleanable, and a way to keep all the pieces together. Finally, some books. An ultimate way to end the night is reading a book in each room. Right now the babies are put into their crib and the light is out. I think adding nightly reading would both help them settle and sleep faster and increase their understanding of language beyond the rules of the baby house.


  1. i just read all of your posts, im speechless. you are so inspiring, there is no better way you could be utilizing all of your talent, creativity, and love. you are truly an angel, and an eloquent one at that! and i want to come and help with the babies right away!!!!

  2. That explains why you were signed off of Skype and no response to any emails. Look how much you have observed and plans you've make and it's only the beginning of week 2!! Eva pack your bags, you two would be an awesome duo!