Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Anticlimactic Blog- Sorry

Friday May 28, 2010

This week went by in a blur. I don’t know if anything else could have been packed in. I feel uninspired because so much has happened but it doesn’t feel like anything extraordinary has occurred. I guess that means that I am comfortably settling into life here.

The kids are doing wonderfully every day. There are successes and developments that wouldn’t appear much to an onlooker, but that make each day amazing for me. They are minute changes that only I would notice, and it goes up and down daily, but it is still all progress. The oldest kids are starting to anticipate the pages as they are being turned. Especially when it comes to animal noises and the alphabet. I’m almost positive they have memorized “Chicka, Chicka Boom, Boom.” They asked me to teach them songs, which just might be my specialty (see Guatemala), so starting Monday we are going to have some fun with those too.

This inspired me to teach the caregivers of the babies/toddlers interactive songs, like “The Grand Old Duke of York” where you balance a baby on your knees and “march them up to the top of the hill and march them down again.” It would be a simple way to get the caregiver more involved in what I am doing and I know they are always searching for new games and activities, especially in the wake of their recent training sessions.

This past Tuesday it was back to the Merkato! Amidst an (almost) parking disaster and a near run in with a bull, I managed to find some supplies for the next project with the Kechene women. Stay tuned! Hopefully we will jump start next week. It all just seems so anticlimactic. Trust me though, it’s not. Gosh! I must be tired if I can’t even muster up some ridiculous thing that happened, because they happen every day. Maybe Ethiopia has worn me down to the point of being blind sighted by its absurdities? No wait, not possible.

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