Friday, May 14, 2010

Getting Started

Tuesday May 11, 2010

Tomorrow is the big day. I am starting not just one, but both of my projects. It is going to be my first day reading at foster care, and also the Kechene girls are really anxious to start the necklaces.

I feel ready to get going. I had successful meetings in both places over the past few days and have been receiving good feedback. On Saturday I made the long journey out to Foster (soon to be my daily commute- involving 3 taxis and a tuck-tuck, yes the same as in Guatemala only blue!) I got the tour of the 4 foster homes, 3 of which I will be working in. Because there are just so many kids, and I only have 2 hours there, I’ve narrowed my time down to the 2 toddler rooms and the house with children ages 4-6. There I will be able to see progress, since they are already speaking, and besides they are so adorable!

Yesterday (Monday), I meet with the Kechene girls in the shop to discuss the “On Their Own” necklaces. They are really enthusiastic about the project (I think because of a bit of steady income) and were actually dismayed that we were only making 70. I told them (through my translator) that after this project, we would look for local supplies that they could craft, and I would bring back to sell in the US, in the same fashion as the necklaces. Originally I had planned to start next week, but they are really into the project, so I figured why not begin when the energy is up and they were so gracious and grateful that I didn’t want to let them down

So all that being said, I am finally going to have a full day, and not just full by moseying around drinking macchiato, but actually an accomplished day. This is WILD by Ethiopian standards, attempting to do two things in one day is an absurdity. I mean really something to do in the morning AND afternoon….crazy!


  1. I am thinking of you everyday..but special good energy is coming your way for first day of work! But is sounds fun too, not really work..take it as it comes..deep breaths when plans go Ethiopian in your expectations.xxxooomom

  2. I was just given one of these necklaces by a fellow Gladney mom, and I so love it. I'm wondering, when we go again, if we can bring supplies for more of them?