Saturday, May 8, 2010

Arrival!- May 3rd

I am writing this entry on Monday May 3rd, which I decided is important to include because I have no idea when I will get the internet access to post it. Ethiopia lesson number 1: don’t ever expect power. I have been here now 2 days and have spent more time without use of electricity, than with its lovely convinces. Tonight my guest house got the generator up and running so I can at least type this from the electrical current generated by the wall with a light on above my head…so appreciative. The internet however, is 1) down and 2) dial up, so I’m thinking my blogs will be posted in groupings when I have the chance to finagle some wireless over at one of the hotels.

The flight…long. And the layover in Germany, most unusual. I got there so early that my flight wasn’t even up on the board yet, so not knowing which terminal to go to I chose one at random and lay down for a nap. Then someone tells me that this terminal has been “evacuated” and I need to go to my terminal. “But I don’t know where that is yet,” I reply? “Well, you can’t stay here, were evacuated.”


Needless to say I spent 5 hours hopping terminals that were “open” and then once the flight boarded I was evacuated. And who uses the term “evacuated” in an airport anyway. Isn’t that one of those “no-no” words like “BOMB!” Please choose a less panic inducing word!

Then when I got to Ethiopia I was almost turned away because apparently it is extremely important that immigration has the exact address of where you will be staying before they can allow you into their country. They granted me a visa just fine, but when I went to get stamped through, the nice man asks if I know my address here, I do not. I have put such blind faith in those coming to rescue me from airport hell that I have absolutely no contact information except an e-mail address. He calls another man over and I feel like I am going to faint, but instead I do what my mom taught me. I smile and sigh, “but I’m volunteering for orphans.” BAM, I’m stamped through!

So I made it, I am staying in a lovely guest home, which is exactly what it sound like. It is a home, much like my own, with a living room, kitchen, dining area and comfy front porch. I have a room and share a bathroom with one other girl, we have use of the kitchen and a pot of coffee is waiting at ALL times!

Yesterday was relaxing, I recovered from jet lag and had dinner with my host family, not much gets done here on Sunday’s.

Today, I had the privilege of sharing lunch with 3 families here to bring home babies! Hearing them talk was so exciting to me. It was definitely the catharsis I missed in Guatemala.

Later I backpacked it to the grocery store and got some basics. Then I bleached my fruit. Yes, that is right I prefer to consume bleach to whatever else might be living on my grapes. And they have mango verde in Ethiopia! A personal favorite from Guatemala.

By the time this is posted it will be so dated, but that’s okay and there will be way more interesting things to share. Tomorrow I am going to the office and am going to learn how to use the “taxi” system, aka a blue and white 15 passenger van, vaguely reminiscent of a chicken bus.

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  1. well i'm so glad you remembered to smile and play the " I'm volunteering w/ orphans" card! your genuine smile, kind eyes (even if sleepy) goes a long way..welcome to Ethiopia..keep the blogs coming..i love the details and can really "see" it in your words.