Monday, March 22, 2010

In a List

1)I made Luis take his first totally independent steps today! Nothing here has been more rewarding than watching him legs wide arms out, balance and step. He sticks out his tongue and when he reaches his “destination” lets out the best squeal I have ever heard!

2)I found out that the “science” text book we are using for my class teaches Creationism. Chapters are titled “The First Day,” “The Second Day,” etc. And history class = Bible study. Not really sure how to deal with this information.

3)If you have never experienced the total freedom of blasting music and dancing with just a 3 year old you absolutely must.

4)I have about 6 names here at Casa B. English class- Miss. Ingles. Special Ed- Miss Diana, just Miss or Miss. Asi (“This Way?” as in is this right?). Casa de Bebes- Ana! Ana! And of course there are those who actually try to say my real name. It's okay, I love it.

5)The carnival place was an awesome day. We took the babies home at 2 because it was definitely time. But they loved those bouncy things, driving in the go-carts and this mini bumper boat game. Actually they were just fascinated walking around.

6)Ludwin was sitting next to me on the couch today and was passing toys from his lap to mine. I wasn’t paying complete attention, but suddenly I realized he was saying, “siete, ocho, nueve…” HE WAS COUNTING!!! Don’t know where he picked that up, but it’s amazing. Even though there were only 4 toys, it’s a start.

7)Actually, I am so amazed every day at the language the babies are picking up. When I arrived 3 short months ago the house felt like a baby house. It was quiet, except for the crying and screaming. Now it is occupied by people they talk constantly, communicate feelings, ask questions, help out, and play with one another. The boys will literally talk for an hour at night and an hour in the morning before asking to get up. It picked up so fast and every day I am impressed.

8)I switched Prepa’s song from “Happy and You Know It” to the ABC’s, for some reason it’s still impossibly hard for them, but Pre-Kinder and Kinder are nailing “Head, Shoulders…”

9)On the other hand, 2nd is rocking “No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.” The only problem is “jumping” is really difficult for the kids to say. Moreover the Spanish J sound is the English H sound. Basically, the monkeys are humping on the bed…. I’m working on it…

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  1. Always interesting, always makes me feel i'm there, always something to make me chuckle too...Song perfomrance day is this Thursday, yes?

    Wish someone could video tape it! wishing you all good luck..