Monday, February 1, 2010


Ok , my day in one word: SHIT. Not my day was shit, it was just consumed with it. Apparently there is some food (I think it was the egg/refried beans combo from last night’s dinner) that coordinates worse with babies than pork bbq. I’m talking diarrhea up the wazoo! Sorry if this is grossing you out, maybe I should preface this story with: put down your food and read on an empty stomach!

So this darling baby was in a swing, not fussing, kind of playing with some plastic keys, but mostly watching the other babies. AKA: no sign of what I was about to get elbow deep in. I pick her up to put her in a feeding chair and she is covered in nastyness. Back, front, legs, feet, outer-layers of clothing, the swing and now me! I mean she even nailed her sweater, which falls above the diaper line. Literally it was immediately to the tub. But I couldn’t get her clothes off without spreading the nasty. Consider this as well, babies don’t stand, the only way to keep them upright is holding them against yourself. If this was the only incident it wouldn’t have been terrible. However, my darling chica was one of the last. This was ongoing all day. There were literally lines at the tub, we were whipping kids out of bed during nap (never done), and trying to get them to sit on the toilet (very difficult). During nap, someone even treated us to a box of nursing gloves it was THAT bad, and considering we deal with poop all day, cleaning it, discussing it and monitoring it, gloves were an extreme measure.

Maybe I should end on an up-note: I’m so “in” they let me administer nightly medicine now! I think anyone who didn’t run away kicking and screaming for a shower today has proved their worth. So that’s the glass half full, the bright side, the greener grass. I am now a medicine distributing member of the baby house team!

Tomorrow is my first English class too…wish me luck!

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