Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I had a little bit of an off day in the baby house yesterday. I lost track of time during nap and when I saw it was 4:02 (nap ends at 4), I sprinted down the steps to the house. When I got there it was nearly quarter after so all the babies had been woken and changed, making me really late. The thing is, it only takes a minute to walk casually between my house and the babies. Their clock must be about 10 minutes fast, so now I know.

Then at dinner I accidentally gave the lactose-intolerant baby a sippy cup with real milk. To my credit, he was crying and waving his bowl (the sign that they are done and ready for their milk cup) and everyone else was just eating and not paying attention. I just had no idea that the contents of one cup were different and it was for him, at lunch they drink juice, so no problems there. And the mistake was caught after 30 seconds, and he only drank a little bit. It’s not even that he’s deathly allergic, but he breaks out in a rash if he drinks “too much” milk. I also though his pox marks were chicken pox scars. The point is he is going to live and be fine and it wasn’t that damaging, but everyone kept talking about it for the next twenty minutes in front of me. I don’t know if they thought I couldn’t understand or if they would just do that for everybody, but it is really hard to defend yourself in another language, and I just felt discourage.

On top of that, potty training is really not going well. We literally go to the bathroom every fifteen to twenty minutes, and she always manages to wet her pants sometime in between. Seriously I have no clue what to do. Positive reinforcement, negative, neither works, both are just attention.

It’s well past time to get ready for school….

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  1. I still think despite "childcare rules" she need to know it's a big girl thing and the big girls need to take her in the bathroom w/ them, to model the behavior--leave the door open...all talk should be about being a big girl and extra hugs and attention from everyone only when she is successful...otherwise look disappointed say nothing, give her the wash cloth and have her clean herself as best she can, finish up w/ a few wipes to be sure as efficiently and quickly as possible, no smile, no other interaction, not a sound. Let her feel your disappointment..if you all do that she will learn success is the attention. i've seen moms make them sit in wet/poopie diapers but that wasn't me..and i don't know if it works any faster. My way might a take a week or more just keep up the good work. As for the rest, remember progress is not making the same mistake twice...motherhood is not for faint of heart! Just the big of heart and that's you!