Saturday, January 16, 2010

I don’t know where to begin other than I am sitting on my bed and in piles around me are the few familiar things that will accompany me on my latest adventure. It is strange to see how far and how many transitions I have made in the last couple of months, graduating from college in May, moving back home, and finally leaving everything behind once again. Voy a Guatemala!!!

I have always been confident that upon graduating college I would devote myself full time to a position of service and an opportunity of personal growth. Contrary to that belief I began interviewing for some of the WORST jobs ever, including a Dunder-Mifflin-esque company, and I definitely took one too many personality quizzes. Anyway, I was discussing my lack of heart for the job market with my mother when she notices a new message on the machine. Now here I am, 5 months later, about to leave for Guatemala, with the support of my family and the hope of leaving something meaningful behind. I couldn’t be more excited!

This opportunity uniquely combines my overwhelming desire to travel, passion for humanitarianism and formal education in business communication. I always seek to create personal connections to the people of the countries I visit. I believe if I accomplish that, it could be enough. My hope however is to develop a program that attracts local volunteers, people who can become constants in the lives of these children. I learned in Africa, that what is actually done in my presence is much less important than work that can be continued after I leave.

So here I go…I’ll keep you posted!

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” –Annie Dillard


  1. Great beginning...look forward to sharing your thoughts and experiences in Guatemala

  2. Fear less, hope more;
    Whine less, breathe more;
    Talk less, say more;
    Hate less, love more;
    And all good things are yours.
    -Swedish Proverb

  3. you are anamazing person, never forget that! Can't wait to hear about all your adventures!

    and of course, please be safe:)

  4. Dear Liana
    Uncle Eddie and I are so very proud of you and all your adventures.
    Take lots of pictures.
    Since you are so good with little children maybe you should go into teaching gifted children. You would be great at it.
    Take care and try not to get sick.
    We Love You
    Aunt Sandy